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• 11/22/2018

Day care error using the debug


I detected an error while i was testing the day care in essentials v17.

1st- I give my pokemon to the day care npcs.

2nd- When i go to the game's menu and using the debug mode to force an egg in the day care, so i can skip the wait until the pokemon give birth an egg normally, this error pops up and crashes the game.

Any ideas on how to fix the issue? Thx and sorry if i my english is terrible. XD

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• 9/9/2018

Error when catching pokemon with multiple formes

Error log is below

[Pokémon Essentials version 17.2]

Exception: RuntimeError

Message: Script error within event 1 (coords 19,14), map 33 (Starting Town):

Exception: TypeError

Message: PSystem_Utilities:855:in `[]'cannot convert false into Integer

***Full script:


Interpreter:243:in `pbExecuteScript'

PSystem_Utilities:855:in `pbGetFSpeciesFromForm'

Pokemon_Forms:28:in `fSpecies'

PokeBattle_Pokemon:850:in `baseStats'

PokeBattle_Pokemon:886:in `calcStats'

PokeBattle_Battler:483:in `pbUpdate'

PokeBattle_Battler:947:in `pbResetForm'

PokeBattle_Battle:4024:in `pbEndOfBattle'

PokeBattle_Battle:4023:in `each'

PokeBattle_Battle:4023:in `pbEndOfBattle'

Interpreter:276:in `pbExecuteScript'
Interpreter:1606:in `command_355'
Interpreter:494:in `execute_command'
Interpreter:193:in `update'
Interpreter:106:in `loop'
Interpreter:198:in `update'
Scene_Map:163:in `update'
Scene_Map:161:in `loop'
Scene_Map:170:in `update'
Scene_Map:234:in `main'
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