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• 10/8/2018

Debug mode lags when scrolling through lists

I like to use it to edit Pokemon safely, but scrolling through everything is very painful when you have a two second delay each time. While I guess this might be a complaint and may even have something to do with my computer, then maybe make it easy on the RAM so it doesn't lag as much.

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• 10/9/2018

Specifically what kind of delay are you experiencing? Moving the cursor to a new line in a list of commands? Or are you just complaining that some lists (like the list of species) are long and it takes you a while to scroll down to what you want?

Please give details.

• 10/11/2018

When I scroll, it pauses for a second or two before it scrolls again. So when one may be scrolling down a really long list (like species), it takes a extended duration to get through. Usually the higher the number, the longer the wait before I can scroll again.

Edit: It is not just Pokemon species, but also moves.

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