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A Bug Catching Contest being judged.

This page describes the Bug Catching Contest, an event in which trainers compete against each other by catching the best Bug-type Pokémon.

pbBugContestState methods

  • pbSetJudgingPoint(map_id,x,y) - The map and coordinates the player is teleported to at the end of the contest, where the results are announced.
  • pbSetReception(map_id1,map_id2,...) - Sets the IDs of any reception maps for the contest. As many maps as you like can be listed here. Reception maps are ones the player can reach just by walking from the contest map, e.g. gatehouses surrounding the park in which the contest takes place.
  • pbSetContestMap(map_id) - Sets the ID of the map in which the Bug Catching Content takes place. Only one map can be designated. If the player goes to a different map (that isn't a reception map), the contest is cancelled. The Pokémon caught by the other contestants are randomly chosen from what is encounterable on the contest map.
  • pbSetPokemon(pkmn_index) - Designates a single Pokémon in the player's party (at index pkmn_index) to be the Pokémon used by the player during the contest. This is typically `pbGet(1)`, which returns a party index number previously chosen via pbChooseAblePokemon(1,2).
  • pbStart(num_balls) - Starts the Bug Catching Content. num_balls is the number of Sport Balls the player starts with.

Creating a Bug Catching Contest

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