This article describes the Credits.


The script section Scene_Credits is used for displaying and manipulating the credits. The available options are found in the beginning of the script. They are:

  • CreditsBackgroundList: The images displayed during the credits, located in the Graphics/Titles/ folder. You can put unlimited images as backgrounds or use just one. If there are more than one background, CreditsFrequency will be used to determine the time between a change of background.
  • CreditsMusic: The music track that plays during the credits.
  • CreditsScrollSpeed: The speed of the credit's scrolling. A number, highly recommended to keep below 5 for legibility.
  • CreditsFrequency: Number of seconds per a background change.
  • CREDITS_OUTLINE, CREDITS_SHADOW & CREDITS_FILL: Colors of the credits font's outline, shadow and fill respectively.

The script call used for calling the credits is

$scene =

NOTE: Credits can be skipped after the first play.

Editing the credits itself

The credits itself must be written after the line CREDIT=<<_END_ (around line 40, depends). All the text is always centered. Use <s> to split a line into two halves, with each half aligned towards the centre.

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