This page describes the Credits.


The script section Scene_Credits is used for displaying and manipulating the credits. The available options are found in the beginning of the script. They are:

  • CreditsBackgroundList - An array of background images that are displayed during the credits. These images are located in the "Graphics/Titles" folder. Any number of images can be used here. The CreditsFrequency option defines how long each background is displayed for before moving to the next one. Once the last image in this array has been shown, it loops back to the first image.
  • CreditsMusic - The BGM that plays during the credits.
  • CreditsScrollSpeed - The speed at which the credits scroll. A number, highly recommended to keep below 5 for legibility.
  • CreditsFrequency - The time in seconds to display each background image in turn.
  • CREDITS_OUTLINE, CREDITS_SHADOW, CREDITS_FILL - The font colors for the credits.

To display the credits, use the following line of code:

$scene =

The credits cannot be skipped (ended early) the first time they are played. However, in subsequent viewings, pressing the C key will immediately exit the credits presentation. This is determined by the value of $PokemonGlobal.creditsPlayed - TRUE means they have already been played at least once and can be skipped in future. This is set to TRUE at the end of playing the credits.

Editing the credits text

The credits text is written in the script section Scene_Credits. It is apparent where you should add your own credits. Please leave the existing credits in the game, at the end of the text.

Each line of text will be centred. However, if there is an <s> in the line, the text will be split into two columns on either side of this, with each column aligned towards the centre of the screen.

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