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For the main page about abilities, see Abilities.
For a list of abilities in Essentials,, see List of abilities.
For assigning abilities to Pokémon species, see Defining a species.

This page describes how to define an ability.

Defining an ability

An ability begins with its definition. This means that it is listed in the PBS file "abilities.txt", so that it can be recognised by the game as an ability. This alone does not give the ability an effect, but you must start by defining it before you can use it.

This page only describes how to define an ability. See the page Abilities to find out how to add effects to defined abilities.

PBS file "abilities.txt"

The PBS file "abilities.txt" lists all the defined abilities in the game. Each section in this file is one separate ability, where a section begins with a line containing an ID in square brackets and ends when the next section begins. Each line in a section is one separate piece of information about that ability.

Aside from the ID line, every line in a section follows the format:


where XXX is a property and YYY is the value or values associated with it (the spaces are optional). For example:

Name = Stench
Description = The stench may cause the target to flinch.
Name = Magma Armor
Flags = FasterEggHatching
Description = Prevents the Pokémon from becoming frozen.

All pieces of information are optional, but will have default values if they are not defined. The order of the lines does not matter, except for the ID line in square brackets which must be first.

Data Description Default value
[ID] This is how the scripts refer to the ability. Each ability must have a different ID. Typically this is the same as the ability name, but written in all capital letters and with no spaces or special characters. In the scripts, the ID is used as a symbol (i.e. with a colon in front of it, e.g. :STENCH). The ID is never seen by the player.

This line must come first in a section, because, as mentioned above, this line defines when a new section begins.

Name The name of the ability, as seen by the player. "Unnamed"
Flags Comma-separated labels applied to the ability which can be used to make it behave differently. The existing flags are:
  • FasterEggHatching - Eggs hatch twice as fast when there are 1 or more Pokémon in the party whose species has this flag.
Description The ability's description. "???"