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Essentials is a collection of gameplay-altering original code designed for use in an RPG Maker XP game. This wiki contains documentation for that original code, and is itself 100% original information. Images on this wiki are used for illustrative purposes and qualify as Fair Use. There are no download links to any copyrighted or trademarked materials on this wiki. Any ads you see are put there by Fandom for Fandom; only they profit off them.

Essentials has its own sections on the PokéCommunity forum and the Relic Castle forum.

News - 28th September 2020

Pokémon Essentials v18.1 has been released! It focusses on bug fixes, but it makes a few changes too. The list of script sections now looks a bit different, as there's been some rearranging going on as well as the addition of "titles" for each group of sections. Evolution code has been overhauled, and jumping over ledges is now more accurate to the official games.

Have a look at the change log for a more detailed list of what v18.1 has to offer. This wiki cannot provide any download links.


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Essentials v18.1
Released: 28th Sept 2020
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