Essentials can be tricky to use at times, even with all the documentation on this wiki. That's why this page lists a number of guides on various facets of game development using Essentials.

Guides are written by this wiki's users. Feel free to update a guide with additional information, clarity or corrections, or indeed write new guides.

Please note that a guide should be about how to use some part of Essentials, or contain ideas and analyses and advice, or describe an aspect of the game development process. It should not be about adding new features - that is third party content and does not belong here.


The guides listed below are only suggestions of the kinds of guides it would be nice to have. If you have more ideas for guides, add them.

What Essentials has

Designing and planning a game

  • Mindset and skills - What you should be able to do if you want to use RMXP/Essentials to make a game, and what you should be expecting to do.
  • Game design - General tips about how to design a Pokémon game that aren't covered in other guides.
  • Story design - Tips revolving around the plot in a Pokémon game and how it affects/is affected by other things.
  • Region design - How to lay things out in your world, populate it, tips on how to move the player around the region, and a little bit about distributing Pokémon.
  • Aesthetics - How your game looks and sounds is important, but it's perfectly acceptable to just stick with what Essentials gives you.
  • Game creation tools - Things that help you draw, compose, write, code, plan, balance, assess and review.

Recruiting and working with a team

Creating a game

  • Essentials game content - Stuff that is defined for Essentials, but which you'll need to change or at least bear in mind when creating your own game.
  • Creating a new Game - Basic walkthrough for creating the first few maps of a game.
  • Creating maps - Ways to design game maps, and how to recognise which tile in the tileset is the blank one.
  • How to keep going - Tips and tricks for when (not if) you start to run out of steam.

Features in a game

Fixing your game

Advertising and releasing your game


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