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The Jukebox.

This page describes the Jukebox application of the Pokégear. This app allows the player to change the background music.


The Jukebox lists a number of default songs to choose from, and also includes a "Play: Custom..." option which contains all the music in the folder "Audio/BGM". Selecting any of these options will play that music as the background music. The "Stop" option will stop the Jukebox's music playing, and the original background music will resume.

The default music may have additional effects while playing. They are as follows:

  • Pokémon March - Makes wild Pokémon encounters occur 50% more often (same effect as the White Flute).
  • Pokémon Lullaby - Makes wild Pokémon encounters occur 50% less often (same effect as the Black Flute).
  • All other music, including the above tracks played via the "Play: Custom..." option, have no special effects.

It should be noted that, although a battery icon appears in the graphics of the Jukebox, this is just decoration. It does not indicate the battery life of a laptop.