This article is about the Options screen, which is accessible from the pause menu.


The Options screen is used to change and manipulate certain aspects of the game. Most of these settings are only visual. Here's a list of what can be changed:

  • Music Volume: Changes the volume of background music and ME sounds.
  • SE Volume: Changes the volume of background sounds and sound effects.
  • Text Speed: Changes the speed at which the text in message boxes appears.
  • Battle Effects: Toggles whether various animations in battle (such as when using a move) are shown.
  • Battle Style: Toggles whether the player is allowed to switch their Pokémon if an opposing Pokémon faints and is replaced. "Shift" allows this, and "Set" prevents it.
  • Running Key: Toggles whether the run key only needs to be pressed once to run (Toggle) or held (Hold)
  • Speech Frame: The graphic of message boxes.
  • Menu Frame: The graphic of the menu boxes.
  • Font Style: Changes the font used in the game. There are four different fonts, named after the game in which they are used. If none of the fonts are installed, the game will use Arial instead.
  • Screen Size: Controls the size of the game screen.
  • Screen Border: Toggles the screen border. 


  • You could add more options to allow the player to further customise their experience, such as:
    • Language options
    • Visual themes (e.g. different appearances of the pause menu)
    • Controls
  • You could remove certain options if you don't want the player to be able to change them.
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