This article describes the PBS files, found in the folder "PBS". They store a lot of information in an easily accessible and editable format, and help make customising various parts of Pokémon Essentials easier.

PBS files

The following is a list of all the PBS files, and what they do:

PBS file What it does
abilities Defines all Pokémon abilities, with one line per ability.
connections Defines all map connections, with one line per connection.
encounters Defines the various types of wild Pokémon encounters for each map.
items Defines all items, with one line per item.
metadata Defines both global metadata (section 000) and map-specific metadata (all other sections).
moves Defines all Pokémon moves, with one line per move.
phone Defines the various parts of phone call messages.
pokemon Defines all Pokémon species, with one section per species.
shadowmoves Defines the moves that Shadow Pokémon will know, with one line per species.
tm Defines which Pokémon can be taught each move in any way other than by levelling up (i.e. by Move Tutor and TM/HM).
townmap Defines the region map data, including Fly destinations.
trainertypes Defines all trainer types, with one line per trainer type.
trainers Defines individual trainers, with one section per trainer.
types Defines all elemental types, with one section per type.

In addition, there are a number of PBS files that are used for various Battle Challenges:

PBS file What it does
btpokemon Battle Tower
bttrainers Battle Tower Trainers
fancycuppm Fancy cup
fancycupsinglepm Fancy cup
fancycupsingletr Fancy cup single Trainers
fancycuptr Fancy cup trainers
littlecuppm Little cup
littlecuptr Little cup Trainers
pikacuppm Pika cup
pikacuptr Pika cup Trainers
pokecuppm Poke cup
pokecuptr Poke cup
trainerlists List of Trainers