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For where you usually find PCs, see Poké Center.

This page describes the PC and its functions, except for Pokémon storage.

The player's PC

The player's PC is typically only found in the player's bedroom. It contains the following options:

  • Item Storage
  • Mailbox

To access the player's PC, use the following script:


The scripts that handle the use of the player's PC are in the script section PScreen_PC.

The communal PC

The communal PC is typically found in Poké Centers, as well as certain other locations. It contains the following options:

If $PokemonGlobal.seenStorageCreator is FALSE, then the first option will be called "Someone's PC" instead. If it is TRUE, then the name returned by def pbStorageCreator (in the script section Settings) is used (or is "Bill" if undefined).

The "Player's PC" option will be named after the player (e.g. "Red's PC"). It accesses the player's PC as described above.

The "Purify Chamber" option will only appear if $PokemonGlobal.seenPurifyChamber is TRUE.

To access the communal PC, use the following script:


The scripts that handle the use of the communal PC are in the script section PScreen_PC.


Pokémon storage

Main article: Pokémon storage

Pokémon can be stored in the PC. If a Pokémon is obtained while the player's party is full, it will be sent to the PC automatically.

Item storage

The item storage screen.

Items stored in the PC are stored in an array. That array is called $PokemonGlobal.pcItemStorage.

The array that records which items have been stored has 50 slots, with each slot able to hold up to 999 copies of that slot's item. Both of these values are set in class PCItemStorage in the script section PItem_Bag. When the array is first created, it will contain a Potion.

Any item can be stored, even important items such as HMs or Key Items.

The scripts that display the item storage screen itself are located in the script section PScreen_ItemStorage.



Purify Chamber

Main article: Shadow Pokémon

Once the player has been shown the Purify Chamber (by setting $PokemonGlobal.seenPurifyChamber to TRUE), it will be accessible from any communal PC.