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For the computer which stores Pokémon, items and mail, see PC.

"We restore your tired Pokémon to full health."

This page describes the various things typically found in a Pokémon Center.

Healing your Pokémon

Page 1 of a Poké Center nurse event.

Page 2 of a Poké Center nurse event.

Talking to the nurse in a Poké Center will let you heal your Pokémon. Once healed, if any of your Pokémon have contracted Pokérus, the nurse will tell you. Also, if you run out of usable Pokémon and black out, you will end up in front of the nurse with your Pokémon healed.

The key parts to the nurse event are as follows:

  • The script pbSetPokemonCenter - Sets the start-over point to the player's current position, so they will return there when they run out of usable Pokémon and black out.
  • A choice to let the nurse heal the player's Pokémon.
  • The event command "Recover All: Entire Party" - Fully heals all Pokémon in the player's party.
  • A check for whether any party Pokémon have Pokérus (pbPokerus?). If so, display some messages to explain what it is.

Essentials contains some example maps depicting Poké Centers, which include a healing event. You simply need to copy the healing event for use in your own maps, nothing more. See those example maps for more details, or the two screenshots on the right.

The Poké Center example maps also contain one more event, which displays Poké Balls on top of the healing machine. Simply copy this event as well to make it work properly. Note that the nurse event references the healing Balls event by ID number, and this may be different when you copy the event to a different map, so be sure to check this and update if necessary.


  • If Pokérus is disabled in a project, the check for Pokérus can be removed from the nurse event.