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For other features of the computer found in Poké Centres, see PC.

Pokémon storage.

This page describes how Pokémon storage works. It includes how Pokémon are stored in the PC, as well as basic information about how the Pokémon storage screens work.

How Pokémon are stored

Pokémon that are stored in the PC are recorded in an array. That array is called $PokemonStorage, and works as follows:

  • Each element of the array contains the details of a single Pokémon.
  • There are two coordinates to describe an element in the array: box number and index number. Both coordinates start at 0.
  • Each box can hold up to 30 Pokémon.
  • The number of boxes is defined by the variable STORAGEBOXES in the script section Settings.



This is the Pokémon in box 2, at position 26. $PokemonStorage[1][25].species will return the species of this Pokémon.

Storage screen appearance

Useful scripts