This article describes the summary screens. These are screens that display information about a Pokémon.

Summary screens

The summary screens are accessed from the player's Party screen and the Pokémon storage screen. The associated scripts are found in the script section PokemonSummary. All the features of these screens are the same as the ones in the HeartGold and SoulSilver games, off which these are based.

Each summary screen has a background image, which is in the folder "Graphics/Pictures" and is called "summaryX.png", where "X" is the number of the page (or "Egg" for egg summaries).

Below are screenshots of each summary page:


Egg summary page

Eggs have their own (single) summary page, which doesn't display much information as almost nothing is known about an egg. This page is shown by the def drawPageOneEgg.

A Pokémon that has been hatched has extra information when compared to a regular received Pokémon. Both the time/place of receiving the egg and the time/place of the egg hatching are shown on the Trainer Memo (page 2).

Moves page

By pressing the "Use" button in the Moves page (page 4), you can interact with these moves to see more information about them and to reorder them.

The appearance of this screen changing depending on how the page is accessed. If the Pokémon is attempting to learn a move, it also displays the fifth move.

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