For dividing the game window into multiple smaller sections, see Dual screen.

This page describes the concept of a touch screen. Essentials does not have touch screen functionality, although the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS do.

Touch screens

Touch screen functionality allows the player to use the mouse in order to interact with the game, usually by clicking on-screen buttons. The lower screen of the Nintendo DS is a touch screen.

Note that a touch screen is different to a dual screen. A dual screen simply involves dividing up the game screen into multiple parts. The Nintendo DS has both of these features, but they are by no means dependent on each other - you can easily have one without the other.

Essentials does not include or feature touch screen functionality in any way except for some debug features.


  • You can always have touch screen functionality without having a dual screen.
  • You don't need to restrict yourself to making just one part of the game screen touch-sensitive (i.e. having mouse-touch buttons in only one part of the screen). That was a restriction of the Nintendo DS, a restriction that Essentials games don't have.
  • If you have touch screen functionality, remember the abilities of double-clicking and click-dragging. Think about how you could use these effects (e.g. moving Pokémon around in Pokémon storage).
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